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What do we do?:

Encourage young writers to utilize that innate ability in them to represent in written form, acting or any other creative avenue, that which occurs around them, good or bad.

How do we do it?:

We have created this platform (RTFN), where creators of arts like you converge and express themselves and their societies through their arts. The prices won from the contests is only secondary to the purpose.

Why do we do it?:

An art; be it Writing, Acting, PR, Modelling, Movies etc, relates more the wider audience and leaves an impression especially when the art is unique. We grow by making others grow. Live and let’s live!

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Create stunning and unique way of doing things. it is in you!

PR Challenge

This encourages the Youths to be engaged in various capitalist debate, constructive arguments in areas of Socio-Community Development, Economy, Government, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment.

The Writer's Insight

An aspect of Road To Fame Nigeria, for young aspiring and enterprising writers. The Platform serves to give encouragement & exposure to young talented writers who until hitherto have not been brought to limelight.

Film Academy

The Film Academy of RTFN, covers the areas of movie-making, short-film production, costumes, artistry and hosts the Online TV of RTFN. Best stories from the writer’s insight are shot as short films for film festivals.





The Writer's Insight

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