Road To Fame Nigeria (RTFN) in conjunction with the Ministry of Education was created to bring the creativity of the Nigerian youth to limelight.

RTFN is composed mainly of three majors categories,

The Film Academy currently running in conjunction with Netwood Pictures, The PR (Public Relations) Challenge and The Writer’s Insight

  • Film Academy: The film Academy of RTFN, covers the areas of movie-making, short film production, costumes, artistry and hosts the online TV of RTFN. Best stories from The Writer’s Insight are also shot as short films for film festivals. Currently there are on going auditions for various roles in our movies.
  • PR Challenge: This aspect is set to encourage the youths to be engaged in capitalist debate, constructive arguments in areas of entrepreneurship, economics, government, entertainment, social and community development. Best debates will also be hosted on the Online TV platform.
  • The Writer’s Insight: Is an aspect of Road to Fame Nigeria, for both young aspiring and enterprising writers. The platform serves to give encouragement and exposure to young talented writers who until hitherto have not been brought to limelight.

Individuals are encouraged to tell stories in written form and in the Grand finale both written and spoken forms, stories of themselves, relatives, stories of underrepresented persons or societies they have come across, or of a less privileged person, the essence being to represent a person or yourself in writing, not necessarily to win a price but to get the world at large to hear someone’s story. The price is only secondary to be the key reason which is “tell a story”, represent the underrepresented. And you don’t have to be a “writer” to tell a story.

The platform also has handful of book elites, academics in the aspect of Creative Arts, book authors and film producers as well as other supporting bodies.

Road To Fame Nigeria

Road To Fame Nigeria