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Some of us have read the trending inspirational story about Sir Shina Peters and Zenith Bank’s Jim Ovie. In my opinion, that is inspiration gone wrong on so many levels.

If Sir Shina Peters indeed built a house at 20 million naira the same year Jim Ovie started Zenith and with the same amount, does it make Shina Peters stupid? The answer is NO! Both men are successful today in their own rights and doing different things all together. Shina Peters is an inspiration to musicians and aspiring people in the creative arts in this country. Jim Ovie inspires youths who are interested in entrepreneurship and careers in the financial world.

Martin Luther King Jr made it very clear; when your mind is made up on what you want to do, set out to do it…for you win by being the best at what you do. I know the intentions of whoever wrote that piece was to inspire our youths but you don’t tell history in a misconstrued way. If Shina Peters started a bank, he may not be successful. Stories abound in this country about so many failed Banks. And if Jim Ovie decided to be a musician, he probably won’t get to the legendary status of Sir Shina Peters. You people know so many failures here.

So please, Association of Nigerian Motivators and Writers on Social Media, take note not to create the wrong impression in people’s hearts. Encourage everyone with the right story and let each pursue his own destiny. If you are living and walking the path of your destiny, you will most definitely get to your Promised Land. It will take time, but you will surely get there.

Create something that will make the world awesome. Thanks to Sir Shina Peters for his music. Thanks to Jim Ovie for his revolutionary investment in the banking sector. Please you people should change the Air Conditioners in the Unizik branch of your bank. Thank you.

Till we get to the Promised Land, I shall be waiting for when you will pass me a glass of water and thank God for the gift of grace for the race. 

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  1. Roseline  September 6, 2017

    wow…This write-up is so inspirational.
    thank you.


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