The Writer’s Insight

Is an aspect of Road to Fame Nigeria, for both young aspiring and enterprising writers. The platform serves to give encouragement and exposure to young talented writers who until hitherto have not been brought to limelight.

Individuals are encouraged to tell stories in written form and in the Grand finale both written and spoken forms, stories of themselves, relatives, stories of underrepresented persons or societies they have come across, or of a less privileged person, the essence being to represent a person or yourself in writing, not necessarily to win a price but to get the world at large to hear someone’s story. The price is only secondary to be the key reason which is “tell a story”, represent the underrepresented. And you don’t have to be a “writer” to tell a story.

Overview and Entry Requirements. 

  • Three great prizes every issue:
  1. Top Story– N100,000 + A year Internet subscription + A book of your choice
  2. 2nd PRICE – N50,000
  3. 3rd PRICE – N25,000
  • All types of story are welcome, be it crime, comedy, romance, thriller, literary, twist in the tail, horror, SF etc
  • Stories MUST be 500 words or below.
  • Your entry will be forwarded to the judges as soon as participation fee(s) has been confirmed.
  • If your story is placed you will be notified and we will ask you to send a photo of yourself and a brief biography via email.
  • Top 25 individuals shall qualify for the Grand finale. They will be hosted at the Hotel and suites a day to the finale.
  • a) At the Grand finale, the Judges shall orally tell the written story/stories, making a live review and pick the best stories before the audience and guest appearances.
    b) The best story will also be shot as a short film by NetWood Pictures.
  • The Story contest in Writer’s Insight have a rolling deadline unless otherwise stated.
  • The judges’ decision is final. But we welcome feedback on the competitions in general.
  • By entering, entrants agree for their stories to be published by RTFN if successful.
  • RTFN reserves the right to include any winning entries in any projects in the future while copyright remains with the author.
  • The competition is open to all Nigerians worldwide, but entries must be in English and participation fee in naira.
  • Entry fee is #FREE! Individuals are allowed to submit more than one story.

for: RTF Nigeria

How to participate:

  • Goto APPLY NOW to submit story.
  • You can submit more than one story.
  • Await a Confirmation email. (print email information for audition pass),