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Why Must Feminism be Solely understood from the Home Point of View and Domestic Responsibilities?

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by – Emmanuel Obinna Okoronkwo

Most persons who negate feminism , actually have no concise idea about the meaning, just as some misandrists who pose as feminists.

For starters, why must feminism be solely understood from the home point of view and domestic responsibilities. Why can’t people understand this is an aspect and the core meaning of feminism is equal political , educational and social equality of the sexes in issues that don’t bother on gender biological diffrences.

It’s not too difficult to understand that , for biological reasons, women are saddled with prenatal and post natal direct child care, however, what is to stop the man from being involved with some chores while helping her out, and both of them put in resources to make ends meet.

An ideal African society is one in which only a man works and the woman is nothing short of an Oriaku, but with enlightenment and need for stronger ties, one can understand that women now aid financially, and if she can meet you half way with her finances, why can’t you meet her halfway with domestic chores or atleast encourage her positively.

Now, off to the wider meaning of gender equality, a man and a woman should have equal access to educational oppurtunities , and more, since ones biological make up has no innate role to play here. Misogynist often rely on the presence of penis to accord men , gender supremacy, but this premise is flawed.

Africans should stop selecting what culture is deems necessary when it opposes selfish interest, and from time immemorial, most long lasting african marriages are barely made up of happy homes.
Most times, it is an endured boring marriage were children are reared with little or no form of sensitivity from the parents.

No one chooses what gender they are born into, presence of some structures doesn’t make women less of humans.
Saying women shouldn’t drive, go to school, seek to be president or CEOS of companies, in such a context where biology has no reason to hold her back, is misogyny.

The one thing that keeps men from understanding this, is Ego.

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